Wardrobe Essentials: The 5 Winter Coats You Need This Season

Here at Tag Privé, we believe winter is the perfect season to play with your layering and your look. Coats have the power to transform an outfit from unremarkable to an head-turning event. 

While all coats serve the purpose of keeping you warm and shielding you from the elements, they don’t all serve the same style function. You will need a coat for at least each of these situations: casual setting, work/smart coat and evening coat.

Here are our 5 main categories of coats serving different styling functions.

1. The Casual Down Jacket

Throw this over jeans, a sweater and some trainers and you’ll have a complete casual look to run around town with. Similarly, it’s perfect over your gym clothes and for a day out in the countryside. This versatile staple is an essential in every wardrobe.

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2. The Trench Coat

This is a rainy day essential, usually slightly longer in length, it is a touch more formal than bombers and can work with smart work outfits, evening looks as well as casual jeans. Use a trench to elevate you casual look.

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For Him

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3. The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a staple in every wardrobe. Wear it to add an edge to your outfit and throw it for your evening outfit to elevate your look and give it that extra oomph. 

For Her


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For Him

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4. The Statement Coat

We love a statement coat at Tag Privé. It pulls an outfit together and it’s a sure way to get noticed.

Wear a checked coat over an all black outfit to make it pop. Similarly this baby blue coat is a dream over your little black dress.  

For Her

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For Him

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5. The Long Classic Coat

This is the classic smart option that would go with all your work-related outings and all formal occasions. You can even wear it to smarten a casual look, just throw this over some jeans, pair it with heels and you’re ready for an evening out.

For Her

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For Him

Cerruti 1881 Mens Fall 2019


Which is your favourite preference? Tell us in the comments below!


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