4 Things You Didn’t Know About Red, Pink And Valentine’s Day

They say love is the greatest feeling anyone can experience. So what can we say about the international festive day – the purpose of which is to celebrate and appreciate Love?

Although Valentine themed vitrines are missing this year due to the global pandemic, our feeds are full of red and pink items being promoted for this exciting annual celebration.

When you think of Valentine’s Day, red and pink are often the first colours that come to mind. But have you ever stopped and wondered why are red and pink the symbols of Valentine’s?

Let’s talk some facts!

  1. History & Traditions

The history of red as a sought-after colour, and one associated with love, goes way back before St. Valentine’s even existed. In Roman times, brides would wear red veils and Adonis famously bled roses for Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love). In addition, it used to be a color associated with luxury and royalty.


  1. Meaning of Red

Red is the colour of passion, love, desire, wealth and is even considered lucky in many cultures. It also symbolizes courage, strength, confidence, spontaneity, and determination.


  1. The Power of Red

Red, with its irresistible charms and secret meanings, is the perfect colour for the day of love. As complicated the whole idea of love is, wearing red helps point out if one is ready to accept love into one’s life. Red is the colour of the beating heart, the ignition of sexual desires and the ultimate sacrifice of love. Scientists have deduced that the colour red evokes some of the strongest feelings in us, just by sight. Both men and women seem more attractive to the other sex when they are wearing red because the colour quickly grasps one’s attention. In addition, it’s a stimulating colour. It is helpful for releasing tiredness and stimulating low blood pressure.

  1. Meaning of Pink

Pink came along a little bit later in the timeline. Since it’s a combination of red and white, it’s said to take the properties of both colors and intertwine them. White represents innocence and purity. Mixed with the hot passion of the colour red, it reveals a gentler kind of love in the colour pink. In colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings. It represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love, understanding and the act of nurturing or being nurtured.

Top Red/Pink Picks at Tag Privé

Here are our favourite items that we currently have in stock, perfect to wear for your Valentine’s Day plans.

For Her

Sweaters with a touch of red or pink are cozy and they keep you comfortable while being super stylish.

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Alternatively go all the way with full solid pinks or reds for the season of love.



Soft knitted tops are also lovely, checkout these cashmere and wool options.

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T-shirts are always a fun way to play with colour.



If in doubt, just accessorise! We love these subtle ways to add a vibrant colour.




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For Him

These knits are guaranteed to melt your date’s heart. You can try some patterns to soften the colour a little.



If in doubt, throw a vibrant bomber jacket to add much needed colour to your outfit.


We have selected our top T-shirts that are an easy way to rock red for Valentine’s Day!


All these said, it’s no surprise that these vibrant and intense colours have become a symbol of St. Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or spoken for, a red/pink dress, top, pullover or shirt is a great way to commemorate the holiday.

To wrap it up, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to wish you all a happy and safe Valentines with lots of love, chocolate, roses and wine! Put your shades of red on and let’s try to see la vie en rose!

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