Trend Inspiration: 5 Ways To Style Combat Boots

Every winter season, a new twist on a winter basic takes the world by storm and everyone tries to catch up. This time, combat boots are the latest fashion craze this season, the bulkier the better!

We love combat boots because they are comfortable, the rubber sole provides a firm grip on the ground and the laces add an edge. You can rely on them in harsh weather conditions and you can walk in them all day. They are the perfect stylish accessory to add a little bit of street-style grit to your outfit.

Combats boots have always been a classic part of a casual wardrobe, but Prada’s chunky combat boots this season made them the hottest trend to follow.


Prada Boots 1 Prada Boots 2


Since then all major brands have released their version of the military combat boots. Emporio Armani have released a very sleek and edgy version that we stock at Tag Privé this season. Click on the image below to follow the link and shop these trendy combats from Tag Privé. 

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Combat boots are quite masculine and edgy, so styling them can be a tricky affair to stay feminine and avoid looking like a soldier in uniform. We have compiled 5 ways you can pair the boots to look the most stylish person in the room.

1. Floral Dresses

We love the contrast between the feminine air of a floral dress and the masculine edge of the combat boots. The combination is a special kind of charm and sass. Pair your combat boots with short dresses for a grungy twist. We also love wearing combat boots with midi dresses, make sure a little skin is showing between the top of the boot and the hem of your dress or extra feminine flair.

Floral Dress Combat Boots Floral Dress Combat Boots 3

Floral Dress Combat Boots 5


Floral Dress Combat Boots 4


2. Joggers

Jogger trousers are another trend this season, especially with the lockdowns happening worldwide. Pair your combat boots with joggers to look extra casual, and wear a cropped sweater on top to accentuate your waist. This is the ultimate stylish comfort this winter.

Joggers Combat Boots

3. Leather Leggings

Leather is going nowhere. It’s still firmly on our list of favourite wardrobe staples for winter. For a total biker look, wear your leather leggings with combat boots and pair with a soft jumper or a lace top at the top to break the edge a little. We love this look for casual outings this winter.

Leather Leggings combat boots

4. Skirts

Miniskirts are very in style, so what better way to show off your legs than to pair them with combat boots. Again, it’s the contrast of feminine and edge that we love about this combo. Wear a chunky knit on top and you have the perfect outfit for a casual lunch.

Mini Skirt Combat Boots Floral Dress Combat Boots2 Mini Skirts Combat Boots 3 Mini Skirts Combat Boots2

5. Skinny Jeans

Last but not least, the classic pairing with a skinny jean is the go-to outfit for combat boots. You can’t go wrong with a black pair of skinny jeans, combats and a big oversized sweater. we love the proportions, we love the sexy vibes of a skinny jean combined with the boots, it’s always a winning formula if in doubt.

Skinny Jeans Combat Boots

Now that you’re all inspired to wear your combat boots this winter, you can now hit streets and turn heads with your outfits!


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