The 7 Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Needs

At Tag Privé, we know how important it is to have a functioning wardrobe. A collection of items that work for you, a wardrobe that inspires you to get ready every morning. There’s nothing worse than having a closet full of clothes yet feeling like you have nothing to wear.

After many trials and errors, we have come to understand that the secrets to an effortless wardrobe is to have your basics covered. Most of us get attracted to flamboyant colours and edgy designs while shopping, we forget that the most important building blocks are the neutral pieces that you can throw on and make a great outfit with them.

In this post, we will list the key basic items every wardrobe should have.


1. A Great Fitting T-Shirt In Basic Colours

The most versatile item that you will own is a basic t-shirt that fits you perfectly in solid core colours. You need at least a white, black and a grey one depending on your colour preference. They can come in round necks, v-necks and any variation on these two. Choose a good fabric with a little bit of stretch so that it moves with you for extra comfort. Throw them over any bottoms if your choice and you have a plain clean canvas to work with.

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2. A Pair Of Well-Cut Denim In A Dark Wash

Whichever way you flip it, denim is a wardrobe staple and it’s here to stay. A modern smart casual wardrobe cannot exist without a pair of great fitting clean-looking jeans. The basic pair you need should be in a dark wash and shouldn’t have any rips or fades. This will guarantee that you can wear them for various purposes. You can smarten them up with a formal shirt and a jacket and you’re set for a smart-casual meeting. You can pair them with a casual basic t-shirt and some sneakers for a weekend look. These jeans will be the power-house of your wardrobe.

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3. A Structured Jacket

Having a smart-looking jacket in your wardrobe means you can elevate any outfit and pair separates to look put-together. We love blazers in neutral colour like black or navy, they can go over a pair of smart jeans and a t-shirt to create the ultimate smart cool. Make sure it fits properly and have it tailored to suit your proportions.

For men, a smart looking bomber or blouson jacket can go a long way to smarten your look and give it extra oomph. Having one of these staples in your wardrobe in a core colour is indispensable to your day-today outfit selection.

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4. Fine Knitwear

For cooler months, having some fine knits that you can easily throw on over trousers or jeans is a must. We love finely knitted merino wool or cashmere. These fabrics deliver warmth without the bulk and they look smart in core colors. Similar to the t-shirt story, choose a cut that fits you in round or v-neck and make sure you have your core colors covered such as grey, black and navy.



5. Basic Dark Trousers

Whether it’s a pair of navy chinos for men or a cropped cigarette black trousers for women, everyone needs a pair of versatile dark trousers. Black tends to be the colour of choice but navy works well too. Same as with everything on this list, fit is very important. Make sure the cut is modern and fits you body properly. You can pair them with a fine knit and a blazer and you have a smart outfit ready for work.

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6. Smart Trainers

Trainers are the modern staple in every closet. Picking a smart-looking pair in black leather is a smart wardrobe essential. These shoes will take you from meeting to casual outings to supermarket errands. Everyone needs one of these pairs ready to go. They communicate ease and comfort but at the same time they look polished and will pull your whole outfit together.

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7. Seamless Underwear

It seems like it should go without saying, but trust us, having the right underwear is a game changer. Make sure your underwear fits right and doesn’t show through your clothes. For women, have your chest measured to get the right bra size and make sure you have at least a nude coloured t-shirt bra in your drawers. Make sure you have warm base layers for cooler months in core colour to layer under your knits and stock up on neutral socks/tights.


If you spend the time to make sure you have all your basics covered, you can then add more adventurous and fancy pieces to liven up your options. We guarantee you that getting ready in the morning will be a piece of cake.


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