How To Stay Warm In Winter

Often we associate winter months with rather bulky, unfashionable and uninspiring clothing just to keep us warm and shield us from the elements. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We are here to tell you that you can still dress warmly and look fantastic in the winter months.

Here is a guide you to how you can keep warm in those cooler months of the year.


Layering is key

Wearing various thin layers is the key to managing your body temperature in winter. From outside temperatures to indoor heated spaces, you have to be able to add and remove layers as needed to adjust. Don’t just wear one big thick layer and a big coat, this means you can get really hot going indoors. Always start with a thin base layer.


Wear a warm base layer

The first layer that touches your body shouldn’t be in pure cotton, this is because if you sweat, cotton doesn’t wick moisture quickly and it will end up making you feel cold when cool air comes in. Always wear a base top or tank in a heat-insulating technical fabric that that keeps you warm and wicks moisture quick.


Use body lotion

Sounds crazy, but lathering up some body lotion or even vaseline after your shower will create a barrier on your body and will retain the heat you give off from your movement. This is a tried and tested method to keep warm, try it! Make sure it’s a thin film of cream otherwise it may stain and damage your clothes.


It’s all in the fabric

In winter, stay away from light fabrics like linens and cotton. They are too porous and don’t retain enough heat. Instead, opt for wool or cashmere, the fibres are much heavier and are better at retaining heat. We also love technical fabrics like fleece and double jersey, they are usually designed to stay dry (even when you sweat) and are great at retaining heat.


Get yourself a good coat

A warm coat made with a good thick fabric is a winter essential. For more formal and work-occasions invest in a wool overcoat to layer on top of your outfits. For casual occasions, we love a good down jacket or a fleece-lined coat. Make sure the coat has pockets so you can keep your hands warm – you an even slip a little hand warmer in the pocket to keep your hands toasty.

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Wear warm accessories

A hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf are a great way to add detail and style to your outfit. A warm scarf in a pop of colour can be a great way to jazz up a dark coloured outfit. Don’t be afraid to add stylish touches with your accessories, they can really transform your outfit in the darker months. Also, wear warm boots to keep your ankles toasty,


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We hope these are helpful, how will you be keeping warm this winter? Share your tips!


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