Tag Privé’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The 14th of February is now ubiquitous with love, romantic dates and red. People everywhere celebrate their love for their partners and for their loved ones by buying them gifts and taking them out.

We know how difficult it can be to pick out the perfect gift and outfit for the occasion, so to help your process we have compiled a list of gift ideas to mark the occasion.

1. Consumables

The most popular way to display your love and affection is through consumable items. Flowers and chocolates are the go-to option for many, it’s simple, smells and taste good and doesn’t clutter. Other ideas around consumables include handmade foods, think cookies and cakes, special wines and spirits (think limited edition) or a fancy bottle of champagne. You can even make them their favourite restaurant meal at home. Alternatively, you can also offer skincare or body care items, which add a personal touch, such as luxury body lotions, fancy creams or even perfumes.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery is a beautiful display of affection. Splurging a little on your loved one is a great way to show them your love. For women the options are endless, from earrings, to rings to necklaces, you can go for costume jewellery, semi-precious stones or go full out with a woman’s best friend, diamonds!

For the man in your life, options can include a money clip, cufflinks, a tie-clip, a nice pen or if you want to go full out, a watch.

3. Personal / Home Items

Another popular space for gifts is items for the home or for personal use. These include kitchen items if they like cooking, such as a set of knives, a coffee machine or a blender. Whiskey loves may like a carafe with a set of whiskey glasses. Personal electronics are very popular too such as personal shavers, portable speakers or portable chargers. You can also offer books or subscription services to their favourite magazine or streaming service.

4. Luxury Fashion

You guessed it! Our favourite way to say I love you is through luxury fashion item.

We think fashion strikes a perfect balance between personal, trendy and useful. Whether it’s for the women or the men in your life, you’re guaranteed to find something for your loved ones on tagprive.com.  We have compiled the perfect gifts from our selection at Tag Privé.

For Her

We love these sweaters with a seasonal touch of love. They are cozy and they keep you comfortable while being super stylish.

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You can’t go wrong with accessories for her. Shoes and bags are any fashionista’s best friend!

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This selection of bags is on trend and guaranteed to find a function in her wardrobe.


These edgy sneakers are all the rage this season. The deep sole gives hight and adds a little oomph to a casual outfit.


You can’t go wrong with a gold shoe! It livens up a wardrobe and combines very well with both dark and light colours.

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This latest trend from Emporio Armani bomber shoes are the signature sole for the season. Available in both black and white to suit her taste.

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This sexy high heeled boot will make her swoon, rock winter in style with this classic item.


For Him

Whether it’s small accessories, a polo shirt, a T-shirt or a sweater, we have everything you need to make the man in your life happy this Valentine’s day. Here’s a selection of our favourite items.

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Understated and discreet small cardholders are a great way to update his essentials this season!

Y4M218 YTQ5J 81072 10 Y4M177 YFE6J 80033 10

We are loving the small cross-body bag trend, the perfect travel companion and adds an urban edge to a casual outfit.


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X4X320 XM505 A083X4X325 XM521 M476


Shoes and trainers are all the rage this season, especially in lockdown, they are a staple for all your casual errands.

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This selection of tops across various price points is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. Whether he’s into more basic smart pieces or into casual hoodies, we have you covered!

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And finally whether it’s a smart backpack or a belt, these classic accessories are essentials in any fashionable man’s wardrobe.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to wish you all a happy and safe Valentines with lots of love.

Whether it’s for the women or the men in your life, you’re guaranteed to find something for your loved ones at Tag Privé. Shop our collection on www.tagprive.com.

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