How To Look Good On Screen: 5 Ways To Look Polished For Video Calls

The year 2021 has started with more lockdowns for many. This means more home schooling, more working from home, and more of the quintessential Zoom video calls to replace face to face meetings.

The demands of lockdown are immense on everyone, especially those who have added responsibilities to homeschool. The emotional toll of isolation and lack of clear boundaries between home and work can cause us to feel demotivated and lose our focus. While it’s tempting to start and end our days in our pajamas, wearing more polished outfits help us become more focused, confident and therefore more productive with our time.

Here are a few suggestions so you can switch up your outfits to take on your day, and your video calls in confidence this season.

1. Focus on smart casual pieces on top

The only parts of your body that appear on screen are your head and your bust, along with your hands if you gesture a lot. So it pays to focus on this part of your outfit when you’re on Zoom. Tops with small details and interest are great to show off your personality to your audience.

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These pieces all have a smart-casual feel to them. Finely knitted jumpers are a great option with small details like a satin collar or bows. You also can never go wrong with a smart button down shirt. We love this one from our Emporio Armani line because it’s oversized, comfortable, covers you to your bum but also has some lovely waist-defining details at the back.

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Polos are a great option because the collar gives the look a smart edge. Turtle necks are a favourite and knitted tops are comfortable pieces to move around in and do not feel too formal.

2. Wear comfortable bottoms

Even though only your top will show on video calls, wearing smart but comfortable trousers will make you feel more confident and intentional for your work. Think about it, when you wear a full office outfit on your way to work, you immediately set the intention for your work day. Aim to have the same mindset for your home-based work day and avoid wearing pajama bottoms all day. 

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Smart looking jogging bottoms are a trendy and comfortable option. Jeans or denim trousers in a soft stretchy fabric is also a great way to wear “going out” clothing at home. 

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This season, the trend is to wear smart looking trousers with elasticated waist and stretchy fabrics. We love our range from Emporio Armani’s Travel Essentails capsule with their breathable and all purpose material for all day comfort.

3. Wear shoes, but make them comfortable

Even though you’re not going out, wearing shoes is part of the getting-dressed-for-a-workday mindset. Even if you’re only walking to your home office or study room, wearing shoes helps mentally prepare you for a good day. Here is a selection you can wear comfortably for a work-at-home day. Sneakers are the perfect smart-casual shoes you can add to your outfit.

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4. Grooming

The secret to looking polished is in the grooming. Wearing a polished top with hair like you’ve just rolled out of bed is not a winning formula. Grooming is a big part of how people perceive you.

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Styling your hair, trimming your beard, making sure your nails are clean and groomed and light makeup if necessary can make a big difference in your overall outfit. It all goes a long way to smarten up your appearance. 

5. Consider your background and lighting

When you’re on a video call, you’ll want to make sure your lighting is good. Sit in a spot with lots of natural light, which will brighten your face. Also consider your backdrop, sitting in a chaotic space will translate to your audience and will distract from your message when you speak. Pick an area with a calm and organised background, ideally a plain wall behind you to avoid distractions.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of looking polished while still feeling comfortable on your video calls, you can go out and smash your career goals on Zoom.

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